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Elected Officials

We are proud to have Democrats serving as elected officials all across St. Joseph County. As we continue to work to elect more Democrats, we are proud to have great elected officials representing us.

Elected Officials

Federal Government

Joe Biden

President of the United States

Kamala Harris

Vice President of the United States

State Government

Indiana General Assembly Members:

David Niezgodski

Indiana State Senator District 10

Maureen Bauer

Indiana State Representative District 6

Ryan Dvorak

Indiana State Representative District 8

County Government

St. Joseph County:

John Broden

Circuit Court Judge

Jason Cichowicz

Probate Judge

John Murphy


Kenneth Cotter


Mary Beth Wisniewski


Bill Redman


Bobby K  Kruszynski


Tim Swager


Rafael Morton

County Council-District D


Diana Hess

County Council-District E

Mark Catanzarite

County Council-District G

Bryan Tanner

County Council-District H

Municipal Government

City of South Bend:

James Mueller


Bianca Tirado


Canneth Lee

South Bend Common Council-1st District

Ophelia Gooden-Rogers

South Bend Common Council-2nd District

Sharon McBride

South Bend Common Council-3rd District

Troy Warner

South Bend Common Council-4th District

Sherry Bolden-Simpson

South Bend Common Council-5th District

Sheila Niezgodski

South Bend Common Council-6th District

Rachel Tomas Morgan

South Bend Common Council-At-Large

Oliver Davis

South Bend Common Council-At-Large

Karen White

South Bend Common Council-At-Large

City of Mishawaka:

Deborah Ladyga-Block


Dale (Woody) Emmons

Mishawaka Common Council-1st District

Matt Carroll

Mishawaka Common Council-2nd District

Tony Violi

Mishawaka Common Council-5th District

Ronald Banicki

Mishawaka Common Council-6th District

Gregg Hixenbaugh

Mishawaka Common Council-At-Large

Matt Mammolenti

Mishawaka Common Council-At-Large

Lacy Hahn

Mishawaka Common Council-At-Large

Township Government:

Sean O'Brien

Clay Township Trustee

Michelle Shaw

Clay Township Advisory Board

Jennifer Robinson

German Township Trustee

Kevin McClanahan

German Township Advisory Board

Rudy Monterossa

German Township Advisory Board

Robert Middlebrook

Olive Township Board Member

Jason Critchlow

Portage Township Trustee

Cheryl Ashe

Portage Township Advisory Board

Muhammad Shabazz

Portage Township Advisory Board

Ryan Hill

Portage Township Advisory Board

Steven Downey

Warren Township Trustee

Eric Griffin

Warren Township Advisory Board

Tony Marvel

Warren Township Advisory Board

Wendy Yuhasz

Warren Township Advisory Board

Area Town Councils:

Terri Buckmaster

Town of Walkerton Clerk-Treasurer

Karol S. Jackson

Town of Walkerton Council Ward 4

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