“I’m a Democrat because when people have no or little money, even though they are working their tails off, they need a party that can represent their interests in a political system that seems to favor the rich.”

 —Judy Bradford, South Bend



“I’m a Democrat because I believe that freedom is only possible through healthcare for all, a living wage for work, and the same rights for every citizen.”

—Sally D., Granger



“I’m a Democrat because I believe that our society needs to do better at helping those who face challenges beyond their immediate control.”

—Ken Riches, South Bend



“I’m a Democrat because I am a second-generation American who believes in the right to organize.”

—Joseph Carbone, Osceola



“I’m a Democrat because the party stands for what I stand for: fairness for all and programs that help people break into a better way of life, from education and pay scale to access to national parks and participation in the arts.”

—Susan V. Siemers, Mishawaka


Why We’re Democrats

Like the national Democratic Party, the St. Joseph County Democratic Party was born in response to the idea that government should represent the people and that wealth and status should not be an entitlement to rule.

We are Democrats because we believe in social justice and equal rights. We believe it should not matter who you are, what you look like, what neighborhood you grew up in—every person deserves an equal opportunity at success. Every child has the right to a quality, affordable education. And access to quality healthcare should not be determined by the size of your bank account.

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Your Vote Counts! Meet & Greet Rally

Hosted by the St. Joseph County Democratic Party African American Coalition, “Your Vote Counts!” will show attendees how to get involved in the 2018 elections.

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Events – October 2017

Check out the calendar of upcoming events for October.

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SJC Democrats Respond to Trump DACA Decision

On Tuesday, Sept. 5, the Trump administration announced the end of DACA. Party Chairman Jason Critchlow issued a response and call to action.

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Get Involved

Do you see all that’s going on in our country today and wonder how you can get involved, how you can make a difference? There’s no better place to start than right here in our own community.

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