Republicans’ vague appeals to “make America great again” purposefully ignore all the necessary progress the last several decades have brought.

And that work is not done. Far from it.

Right now, it is DACA recipients, the Dreamers, who are in acute need of that progress. Just about anyone reading this would recognize that and agree.

That’s why we have to let our Democratic Senator, Joe Donnelly, know that we support his position—that protecting Dreamers is at the core of what we want to be as a country and as Hoosiers. We know he agrees and needs our support now more than ever as he prepares to defend his seat—and our voice in Congress—from the cynicism and fear-mongering that have become the hallmarks of Republican campaigns.

As for our two Republican legislators, Senator Todd Young and Representative Jackie Walorski, they need to be reminded their constituents care deeply about this issue and rubber-stamping the Trump agenda on it is a one-way ticket out of office.

Their phone numbers are below; we’ve been tweeting them out as well.

So call the three of them. And keep calling. And know that we, as a party, remain ever grateful for your passion and commitment to what is right.

It’s why we can all see that Blue Wave coming this November.

Senator Joe Donnelly: (202) 224-4814

Senator Todd Young: (202) 224-5623

Representative Jackie Walorski: (202) 225-3915