The St. Joseph County Democratic Party is proud to be represented in the United States Congress, the Indiana State House, St. Joseph County, and in our local city, town, and township governments by these Democratic officials.

United States Congress

Senator Joe Donnelly

Indiana Senate

District 10: Sen. David Niezgodski

Indiana House

HD 06: Rep. B. Patrick Bauer
HD 07: Rep. Joe Taylor
HD 08: Rep. Ryan Dvorak

St. Joseph County Courts

Circuit Court Judge: John Broden

St. Joseph County

County Commissioners

2nd District: Dave Thomas​​

St. Joseph County Council

District A: Robert Kruszynski
District B: Corey D. Noland
District D: Rafael Morton
District E: Diana Hess
District G: Mark A. Catanzarite
District H: Robert J. McCahill

County Officials

Assessor: Rosemary Mandrici
Auditor: Mike Hamann
Clerk: Terri J. Rethlake
Coroner: Mike McGann
Prosecutor: Ken Cotter
Recorder: Mary Beth Wisniewski
Sheriff: Michael D. Grzegorek
Surveyor: John R. McNamara
Treasurer: Michael Kruk

City of Mishawaka

City Clerk: Debbie Ladyga-Block

Mishawaka Common Council
At-Large: Joe Canarecci
At-Large: Matt Mammolenti

At-Large: Bryan Tanner
City Council District 1: Dale “Woody” Emmons

City Council District 3: Ross Deal

City Council District 5: Mike Compton
City Council District 6: Ronald Banicki

City of South Bend

​​Mayor: Hon. Pete Buttigieg

City Clerk: Kareemah Fowler

South Bend Common Council
At-Large: Gavin Ferlic
At-Large: Karen White
At-Large: John Voorde
City Council District 1: Tim Scott
City Council District 2: Regina Preston
City Council District 3: Randy Kelly
City Council District 4: Josephine Broden
City Council District 6: Oliver Davis

Township Trustees

German: Thomas McClanahan
Lincoln: John A. McGee
Olive: Dominic “Nick” Zarate
Portage: Charles M. Voreis
Warren: Steven Downey

Lakeville Town Council

At-Large: April Hathaway

Osceola Town Council

Clerk/Treasurer: Denese Thornburg
Ward 1: Douglas Beals
Ward 2: Bob Schrock
Ward 3: Jim Loney

New Carlisle Town Council

Clerk/Treasurer: Susan Moffitt
At-Large: Stephen Vojtko
At-Large: Dan Vermillion
At-Large: John Gelow
At-Large: Ken Carter

Roseland Town Council

Clerk/Treasurer: Robin Ackerson
At-Large: Marty Madigan
At-Large: Elizabeth McCombs
At-Large: Ted Penn 

Walkerton Town Council

Clerk/Treasurer: Terri Buckmaster
Ward 1: Kathryn Tiede Chrapliwy
Ward 4: Karol S. Jackson
At-Large: Bill Bouse

Contacting Your Elected Official

The best way to find contact information is to start with a Google search of the person’s name and the office they hold, e.g.: Senator Joe Donnelly.




135 S. Lafayette Blvd.
South Bend, IN 46601