Jason Critchlow

Jason Critchlow


I have seen the most amazing things in the last 6 months, and they began the morning after the November 2016 election. On the morning of November 7th, an individual whom I had never met walked through the door to our Headquarters on Lafayette Street. He wore the same forlorn look on his face that was shared by so many. When he spoke, he did so with conviction, passion, and resolve, and I won’t forget his words: ”I want to get involved. We are a better country than this and I am ready to change our future.”

In the following days, the phone started ringing and the emails began streaming in, all sharing the same general sentiment: “I need to get involved.” In the past several months, we have seen marches, town halls, and numerous other events that have illustrated the inspiration shared by thousands of individuals demonstrating their willingness to get involved in their own community. It is clear that any moments of despair were fleeting, replaced only with rejuvenation and a resolve to fight for our future.

There are no more footsteps to follow. Instead, it’s time to carve our own path, a new one for the future. The local Democratic Party has been busy in these past several months. We have been listening, learning, organizing, and growing. We are getting prepared, and we need you to join us in carving this new path forward.

It’s time to get involved and raise your own voice in your community. Be someone who refuses to sit on the sidelines, and, instead, choose to be someone who does something. We can’t always control national events, but we can exert tremendous influence and control over our immediate surroundings. That’s why it is so important for people to turn their attention locally—where impact is felt the most. The same fights you see in Washington are happening in our own backyard every day.

The St. Joseph County Democratic Party will continue fighting for the ideals we all share and will take action to protect the values of freedom, families, and fairness in our community. We are proud to unveil this new website as a display of the efforts of so many individuals getting involved locally for the first time. They are each making a difference, and we need you to become a part of it—to become a part of the movement towards the progress and the change our country needs.

Jason Critchlow
St. Joseph County Democratic Party